Director/Producer: Emma Freeman

Producer: Joerg Lassak / Curtisfilm

Producer (Australia): Leanne Tonkes

Cinematographer: Filip Piskorzynski

Cinematographer (Australia): John Brawley

Editors: Emma Freeman, Filip Piskorzynski & Billy Browne

Production Design: Beatrace Oola

1st AC: Jan Phillip Grelich Weisscam

Operator (Hamburg): Christian Steidten Weisscam

Operator (Australia): Matt Chow

Production Design Assistant: Denise Wissmann

Hair & Make Up: Ferdinand Foecking, Katharina Schneider

Gaffer: Mirko Buchholz

Electrician: Bemme Emmrich, Gert Seggewiss

Grip: Adriano Grilli

Production Assistants: Anton Pleva, Lou van Houtte, Adam Dostalek

Studio & Technical Equipment: Cinegate Hamburg, Kai Habermann

Weisscam: MBF Hamburg, Nadine Oesterreicher, Red Apple (Australia)

Digital Artist: Marcus Smith @ Blue Post

Visual Effects: ALT VFX

Featuring CocoRosie, Biño Sauitzvy & Rebecca Wright

Spirit: Connor Van Vuuren, Jean Marc Ruellan

Filmed in Hamburg, Germany and Sydney, Australia.

« Shot in Southern France, spanning several different seasons, The Gravediggress emerges from the imagination of the clown. Played and danced by Biño Sauitzvy, The Clown oscillates between young and old, innocent and deranged. Our mother plays the masked Gravediggress who's stuffed hands struggle at menial tasks such as picking wheat

and taking laundry from the line.

The narrative is a loose journey thru the psyche of a lonely outcast who finds ecstasy and company in nature. The filming was spontaneous though it took much more time than a typical music video and without the pressure of a studio and crew we were able to wander and shoot in this way. We let the work steep and revisited the project

months later for another stage of development.

My working relationship with Biño, a Brazilian choreographer based in Paris, who has also trained in circus and clowning, started in 2011 when we developed Nightshift, my first theatrical work. We also started then to discover in dance, the brokenness of the outcast. He played a homeless-drunk, clown called Hummingbird Man.

I have worked on many videos over the last 14 years and have shot many of them in this same location but this is my most narrative attempt to date. I prefer to shoot intimately, just me and the other

and the force of the elements.

Sometimes our hands got frozen cold, or we got attacked by swarms of mosquitos, spiders crawled out of every hole and we truly marveled over the moon and pink sky. » B.Casady

Directed by Bianca Casady

With Biño Sauitzvy

Gravediggress is available on the album Tales of A GrassWidow (CocoRosie)

Hobo is taken from the album "Oscar Hocks".

Directed by Bianca Casady.

With Biño Sauitzvy.

Video made in collaboration with Biño Sauitzvy

and Corentin JPM LEVEN.

Dog In a Yard is taken from the album "Oscar Hocks".

By Bianca Casady and the C.i.A (JM Ruellan on Piano).

Directed by Bianca Casady.

Video created with dancer Biño Sauitzvy.

From"Oscar Hocks”, by Bianca Casady & The C.i.A.

« I wrote this song when i was 12. Shot this video with JM as the Devil and Biño Sauitzvy as the maiden inspired

by the " Handless Maiden fairy tale." B. Casady

Directed by Bianca Casady.

With Biño Sauitzvy and Jean-Marc Ruellan.

From"Oscar Hocks”, by Bianca Casady & The C.i.A.

« It was made with the Norwegian Theatre Academy last winter

where I directed my 2nd play tilted "Mother Hunting".

Biño Sauitzvy did the choreography and it was performed by the "Clown Widows" played by Lærke Grøntved, Anders Firing Aardal and David Jensen the scenography was made in collaboration with Corentin JPM Leven and Mareike Dobewall. » B. Casady

Directed by Bianca Casady.

Choreographed by Biño Sauitzvy.

“Smash My Head” - taken from the new album

“Put The Shine On”, from CocoRosie

Directed by Bianca Casady 

Edited by Sky Ainsbury 

Asylum performers: Irina Anufrieva, Linn Haldrup Lorenzen, Biño Sauitzvy, Christopher Nell, Per Magnus Barlaug