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Live artworks and performances searching for intimacy in a time of social isolation.

As we adjust to a new way of existing, using new technologies as a method of connecting we wonder what is possible? How can we combat the impersonal nature of a computer screen? When touch isn't an option how do we feel warmth?


In 2020 CLAY - Centre for art Yorkshire developed a programme responding to the provocation of intimacy in the context of a global pandemic. The work premiered in October & November 2020 and consisted of Artworks from Amy Lawrence, Ellie Harrison, Jo Hauge, Mystical Femmes and Nando Messias. The artists were invited to play with form and structure when trying to connect with audiences in their own homes. Creating exciting new ways of exploring audience care, safety and comfort remotely.

Aurora is a collaboration between Nando Messias and Biño Sauitzvy.

How close is too close? With unmistakable candour and sheer presence, Nando Messias’ new performance Aurora is poised between physical and digital, wavering between brutal truth and wildest invention, shimmering between you and me. 


In a new commission for CHASM/Clay, you will gain entrance to Nando’s home, a world of intimacy and courage, to witness an explosion of deep unfathomable fears and desires. Aurora reveals secrets and marvels for your eyes only.

This creation was made during the lockdown through the technology, the zoom's platform, both artists working virtualitly, Nando in London and Biño in Paris. For the performance, everyday, during one week, Nando receives some guests by zoom at sunset, Aurora in portuguese, wich is the same name of the Nando's grand-mother, a black slave. Through the using of symbols, hitory, mythology, gender and post-colonialism's questions, reality and fiction, both artists deciding to uveiled what was a family's secret and give to Aurora another life.


Co-commissioned with East Street Arts supported by Arts Council England's Covid Emergency Grant.

Clay: Centre for Live Art Yorkshire trading as Live Art Bistro Ltd

2020 CLAY, Regent Street, Leeds, LS27QA